A Sidebar for Facebook gives you a full design for the panel on the left hand side of your Facebook Business Page or Personal Profile. These replace the standard logo space and are a necessity for social promotion and attracting Likes.

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RequirementsFeaturesHow to get started...
Image Selection:
We select the most appropriate images for the sidebar where relevant.

Do I need a Facebook Account?
Yes. Preferably.

Can you do a Business Sidebar?
Yes. These are the norm.

Can you do a Personal Sidebar?
Yes. We also do personal design too.

Can I send you my photos?
Yes. Please send us everything that you want in the side bar.

Can you call me to discuss the requirements?
Yes. The Digital Stationery service does usually involve a phone call to discuss the requirements, but we also recognise that as a new customer you may not be used to such a personal service.

Do you need graphics from me?
Yes, Preferably. Although we can make a side bar up from scratch with just an email from you with an overview of what you require.

Can I pay at the end?
Yes. If you are an account holder with us you may pay on account. If you are new to Digital Stationery, you will be required to pay on placement of order.

Is that all?
Yes. If you have any questions, drop us a line Contact Us

Full Design:

Choice of Size:
Square (180px x 200px)
Upright (200px x 400px)
Tall (200px x 600px)

New Size (1 March 2011):
Square (180px x 180px )
Long (180px x 360px)
Full Length (180px x 540px)<

Published Format:

Suitable for:
Business Pages, Personal Pages & Profile Pages

Image Processing:
We will process any images required to complete this order.

Photo Cutting:
If required we will extract people, products and objects.

Image Selection:
We select the most appropriate images for the sidebar where relevant.

Step 1 - Place your Order with us
Place a Paypal Order or contact us by telephone. On receipt of your order we will ask you to send a short design brief to us.

Step 2 - Sending your Design Brief
Send a short email including any key information we need to know and attach to the email any images or resources you would like us to use.

Step 3 - Await Delivery
We will process your order as a 48hr turnaround job and you will be able to install the Sidebar straight away.

Step 4 Installation
Installation is very easy and we provide instructions on how to do it.

How to order...

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